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Note from the hosts

Hola from Panama!

We love living in Panama!

Moving to Panama was an adventurous leap of faith to say the least. After having lived here for over 6 years, we all have to agree that Panama has been the best move we have ever made!

Panama, like many other Latin American countries, is very different from what you're used to in Canada, US or Europe! The music, the cuisine, the "manaña" mentatlity is all so stimulating, exciting and new and a bit of a culture shock as well.

Opening the B&B was an opportunity to combine all of our strengths and talents, but more importantly, a way to stay connected to our roots, through the wonderful people we have met from all over the world!

We love sharing favorite stories, favorite restaurants, and fun spots to see with our guests.
Just imagine that a good friend of yours moved to Panama a few years ago and you travel to Panama to visit them.

What places to see would they recommend? Restaurants? Artisan shops? Sites?
Would they be places with great reviews, a tiny little spot with great food and ambiance hidden in the corner somewhere loved by locals?

That's the difference between a Panama Bed and Breakfast and a hotel. Please feel free to email us and ask questions.

Tell us what you like-- and what you'd like to do on your trip here.
We'll do everything we can to help you and you will soon discover that time seems to vanish in this magical place, allow us to pamper you in every possible way!

We can also help you in Español, Italiano, Francais.

Anita and Rick

The Hosts



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